Bespoke learning



We specialise in development of open, explore-able, adaptable, social and connected courses and resources.  Our courses use all the types of activities, tools and systems you and your users are familiar with such as videos, animations, blogs, discussion, stories and reflection. We create immersive content and simulations to help your users learn more effectively using the best technologies, research and knowledge to repeatedly deliver learning experiences that make a real difference to the workforce.

Previous bespoke work

  • Immersive simulations for an energy company
  • Innovation learning content for a pharmaceutical company
  • Video demos for a software company
  • Technology refresh courses for a local council
  • Technology courses for a financial services corporation
  • Legal learning solutions for a publisher
  • Explainer video content for a government agency


We have a collaborative process that has become our no surprises path to great content:

  1. Identifying the challenge – together we discover the underlying problem to solve or need to address
  2. Ideation – we generate ideas on how to crack the challenge
  3. Vision design – we generate a style, vision and suggested solution
  4. Detailed content design workshops – face to face or remotely we’ll pull together a detailed design of content and resources
  5. Prototype design – pulling in everything done so far, we work on a prototype of the learning so we can tweak and amend before production
  6. Production – we work with you and your experts to create the content, filming, discussing and showing every step of the way
  7. Reviews and edits – we manage the inclusive review process to polish the content
  8. Delivery – we deliver your content in a format that works for you

You can view and download a brochure here.