What we do

Digital Learning Content

We create compelling learning experiences that can be delivered online or as a part of a blend.
Depending on the client needs, these could be made up of a mix of traditional eLearning, interactive videos, immersive simulations, animations, simple text or serious games.

Learning Consultancy

We provide consultancy in Learning and Development transformation, strategy, process and instructional design.
Our consultancy services are agile and adaptable to suit a wide range of needs. Whether it’s small projects or large-scale strategy and implementation, we can define a solution.
We work with diverse teams to evaluate, analyse and solve problems, and also have a wide global network of experts and collaborators across the learning, development, media and technology spectrum.

Digital Learning Platform

We have built an adaptive learning platform that delivers the right content at the right time in the right way.
It creates or delivers defined pathways of learning for a user to follow and discovers their preferences and content needs during login and as they navigate content.
It allows any type of content including video, animation, eLearning, interactive HTML, podcasts and PDFs and provides a learning dashboard that can survey user’s confidence over time

Digital Products

Creating competence, confidence and capability to develop someone fresh from full time education into your organisation, one day at a time.
This is a 12-week course for new starters to take during an allocated time slot in their working week. The course covers the foundational soft and hard skills needed to to operate successfully in the workplace.

What people say about us

“The combination of this high quality delivery with a team that are easy and fun to work with will certainly keep us coming back to HBL in the future”

Director of a Leadership company

“They were fun and engaging to work with adding value to strategic discussions suggesting innovative and creative solutions to our questions”

CEO of a Critical Thinking company

Our principles

1. Really good learning has got to be backed by science. No fad diets or learning styles.
2. Our content is designed using evidence based, pedagogically sound methodologies.
3. Our Learning content gives Control and Challenge to the learner and invites Commitment from them.
4. User experience is hugely important.

5. Nothing is hard. Lots of things are complex, but that’s not the same. Hard is a state of mind that makes things harder.
6. Visual design is important but not as important as learning design. Just because something is pretty doesn’t mean it’s good.
7. Simulations are best when they’re closest to the real situation but simulation fidelity (how life-like and realistic it is) is not as important as story fidelity.

Who we are

We are vibrant people who care about helping people learn, not automatons who blindly follow orders. We have opinions and we share them, respectfully.

A learning expert with over 20 years’ experience helping organisations meet their goals through online learning and training.
He can create not just a powerful learning solution, but also an insightful and memorable communication strategy that pushes users to the right learning, in the right way, at the right time.
Andy is renowned for asking the hard questions, and being flexible enough to deliver creative solutions to those questions on time and in budget.
In his spare time, Andy can be found exploring the Yorkshire countryside with his family and dog.

Founder of a successful legal publisher before joining the corporate world and excelling in management and business development.
David brings a wealth of publishing and technical know-how to the team. He manages our platform and key client relationships.
His global expertise in new product development, acquisitions and new business ventures means he keeps Honeyboot & Lemon on an even keel.
In his spare time David enjoys spending time with his family, walking the dog, football (following!), reading, music and going to the opera/concerts.

How to get in touch

Drop us a line to talk more about how we can help you.

Find us at:
Honeyboot & Lemon Ltd
20 St Saviourgate.
York. YO1 8NN.
To get in touch please call us on +44 (0)1904 215 815
Alternatively, please contact us via email: info@honeybootlemon.com