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“In today’s rapidly changing workplaces, you need to adapt to be really effective and realise your full potential. Our new, networked workplaces demand up-to-the-minute skills and competencies.

Green Onyx will provide you with the clear, practical and realistic skills and steps to manage and embrace these changes. They enable people to understand clearly, what they can do to build success both at work and in their personal life, making a better world for themselves at work and home, whilst building the practical skills and confidence to take these steps.

Its programmes and consultancy sessions are proven by thousands of people worldwide.”


The globally successful, award winning Springboard Women’s Development Programme has helped thousands of women to enhance all aspects of their life, discover their potential and achieve their objectives. Usually run as an in-house programme by large organisations, this is a rare opportunity to experience Springboard on an open course.

Watch the short animation – ‘Be Better Than Fine’, get more information on the programme and book online by going to:

You, your colleagues, employees or friends can save 10% by quoting discount code BBTF15 when booking online.

Hub TV

Hub is a production agency that exists to strengthen the connection between brands and their audience through video.

Video has the unrivalled potential to bring audiences and businesses closer. Through great storytelling and high-level production techniques, video can forge an immediate and lasting connection between organisations and individuals – empowering change, stimulating growth and shaping narrative.

We constantly update our ideas and refine our approach to deliver the best brand communication materials possible, in the fastest growing advertising medium on the planet.