Here’s what our customers are saying about us:


Honeyboot & Lemon were responsible for providing the video and voice over for IRIS Software Year End CD’s.

They were patient, professional at all times and delivered within deadlines a very high standard of work. Nothing was ever too much trouble and was always at the end of the telephone when needed.

I can confidently recommend Honeyboot & Lemon Ltd as a solid and reliable provider.

Marion Burns – Project Manager – IRIS Software Ltd


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Working with Honeyboot & Lemon has been an eye-opening series of lessons in how training can be done right.

Alex Hamilton – CEO – Radiant Law

On a more serious note Alex also said:

If Andy were an animal, he would be a unicorn
Andy is far, far smarter than my daughter’s gerbil
Andy is the batman of the training world
If Andy were to go into action films, Chuck Norris would retire
Alexander was taught by Aristotle, Aristotle was taught by Plato, Plato was taught by Socrates and Socrates nicked his method off Andy

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“I was impressed with Andy’s flexibility to change and adjust at a moments’ notice to accommodate our learning needs.  It made a big difference to the outcomes.”

Kim Corbett –  Business Analyst – The Crofting Commission