Create Now

Introducing Create Now

Creating training content can be complex and time consuming, especially with multiple stakeholders and tight time constraints.  We have developed a process and workshop to enable you to make training content very rapidly.

Create Now is a five day workshop that enables you to build all the learning and video resources to meet your unique challenge.  The workshop is designed to run for one week.  You bring along subject experts, key stakeholders and high performing users. We’ll bring our Create Now process, excellent facilitation, learning design, content development, audio & video production and high volume delivery skills.  Together we’ll build the resources focused on your unique needs. Your teams will become champions of the learning, skilled in production and enthusiastic about creating content and activities that really help the organisation achieve it’s goals.

The Create Now process enables the creation of relevant, good quality training materials very quickly.  It works because the right people are working together, sharing their experience and collaborating on building the content.

Not only do you get the training materials, you also get engaged champions who are ready and willing to go out and promote them. They will know more about the business and have a better understanding of constraints and challenges faced by others. They will also be better able to create content on their own, more willing to put their hands up and be thoroughly equipped to share their skills and knowledge.

What topics can it address?

It can address any type of learning challenge from software to process to skills building.  This is because the format of the output isn’t set at the start and can shift easily through the workshop.  The only thing that is defined going into the workshop is the goal.  For example; “We need our users to be able to use our order processing system” or; “We need to enable our staff to retain customers more effectively”.  These are just some of the things Create Now can be used for:

  • Induction programs
  • Knowledge base content
  • Change programs
  • Video stories
  • How-to content

Workshop requirements

  • A space big enough to accommodate double the number of participants
  • Some subject experts
  • Some high performing end users
  • No direct managers – we want honesty here, not politics
  • A neutral facilitator (that’s us)
  • A big space for post-it type notes
  • Laptops for everyone
  • Commitment to 5 full days, with as few interruptions as possible

What types of content can be created?

We don’t believe content should be created in a page turning or boring way and we don’t subscribe to long and tedious content.  The following formats are examples of a much larger list but all conform to our principles of engaging and compelling content.  As you’ll see, even the humble narrated presentation can be powerful if created properly and used sparingly.

  • Narrated presentations
  • Screencasts and video demos
  • Talking head videos (scripted)
  • Fast paced YouTube style videos (unscripted)
  • Discussion videos
  • Interviews
  • Paper animations (low-fi)


Contact us on 01904 215 815 or email to discuss the pricing for the workshop. We’re really happy to run this at your offices if you can access available space or we can arrange a suitable location.  We provide all the production equipment required but if you have your own, that will only make more content creation possible.

The legal bit

You own all the content and all the IP from the content generated in the workshop.

What can the workshop not do?

It’s important to realise that the workshop is designed to create good quality, usable content quickly.  It’s great for content that has a medium shelf life and that doesn’t require a high level of polish.  Or in a rapidly changing environment that requires content to be created and updated quickly, the workshop will deliver the initial training content and the skills for the team to create new content as needed. For example, the workshop is great to create an induction program to get you over a hiring drive you’re doing.  However, for a fully featured program you want to spend more time on it.  Of course, we can help with that too.  Take a look at our consultancy and bespoke content creation pages.

This is great! How do I get started?

Contact us here to start planning the workshop or click here to view and download the brochure.  A white background version for printing is available here.

Optional extras

There are a few other things we can do or that you can add to the workshop to make it even more effective:

  • Workshop process training.  Learn how to facilitate your own workshops.
  • Content creation training.  Don’t think you need a full workshop?  Learn how to create great content very rapidly on your own or in a small group.
  • Conversion into a high value video workshop.  The focus becomes on producing a set of professional video resources.  This happens at a studio in London.

Contact us here and ask for pricing and setup.