About us


DF1_bwDavid Fairweather is an experienced senior manager with over 20 years in the publishing industry as co-founder of ELLIS Publications, a successful legal publisher, and then 14 years’ for Thomson Reuters – the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.  David has an in-depth knowledge of electronic publishing and a unique combination of editorial and technical skills combined with management, business development and commercial expertise. He worked on initiatives in many countries with a focus on new product development, acquisitions and establishing new business ventures. One key initiative was the development of professional skills training products, this sparked David’s interest in learning that has led to his involvement in Honeyboot & Lemon.


Andy Jones is a learning innovator and thinker. He’s designed, facilitated, developed, delivered, created, refined and managed more learning projects than he can remember. Looking to push the boundaries has led him all through different sectors including Legal, Technical IT, Finance, Pharma, Retail, Energy and Government. His past work includes the simplest video demos to large public service learning experiences and pretty much everything in between. He’s been a Consultant, Head of Innovation and Head of Professional Learning Services for Thomson Reuters businesses and has worked in the US, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Andy brings deep experience of learning in the global workplace, a visionary strategic viewpoint and a deep desire to help people become simply better at whatever they’re seeking to do.